BZH PHOTO is an annual outdoor photography festival, in Loguivy-de-la-Mer, Brittany,, which intends first and foremost to propose a new view of the region through the lense and sensitivity of a foreign photographer invited in artistic residency.

BZH PHOTO is a response to Loguivy’s desire for openness and socio-cultural exchange; an artistic creation and an environmental preservation of a place as special as the Côtes d’Armor, where sailors and farmers live at the rhythm of “L’estran”.

Estran, between land and sea, being the first edition’s subject put forward, not only aims to initiate an intercultural and artistic dialogue but raises the question of respect for this natural heritage for those who live there and also for all those who, in love with the region, spend time there…

In welcoming a foreign photographer from a new country each year, with his own culture and experience at heart, the festival highlights encounters and exchanges between locals and residents, bringing together artistic sensibilities that are distant both geographically and culturally….

The subject put forward of ” the estran, between land and sea ” brings up the question of respecting this environment, for those who live there and also for all those who, in love with the region, stay there for a while…

Through the open-air exhibition, BZH PHOTO aims first and foremost to offer a new perspective of the region through the sensitivity of a foreign artist in residence.

For its first edition, the festival invited to Loguivy, for a one-month-long residency, the Japanese photographer Kodo CHIJIIWA whose perspective coming from abroad will make us rediscover the region and its inhabitants under a new angle…

In the centre of the festival, the guest photographer’s new series will be displayed around the port of Loguivy. The images, printed on canvas and displayed like flags, will be able to move freely with the wind.

The festival will take place on the quays of the port of Loguivy-de-la-mer, in the department of Côtes-d’Armor in Brittany.

The main events will take place during the opening weekend from July 25the to 28th.

The photographs will remain on display until September 30th!

Camille GAJATE – founder


If you would like to help us carry out this project. Feel free to participate, it would warm our hearts!